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Car Diffuser Refill - Cinnamon Spice

Car Diffuser Refill - Cinnamon Spice

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This car diffuser refill comes prefilled with the festive scent of Cinnamon Spice premium phthalate-free fragrance. The 1 oz bottle will fill the car diffuser four times. 

Our Cinnamon Spice fragrance is a richly spiced cinnamon with a warm aroma. True to the smell of whole cinnamon sticks and perfect for this holiday season. Cinnamon Spice is a fragrance in our Holiday Collection and available only for a limited time. If you love the spicy scent of a cinnamon aroma, you may also find this Cinnamon Spice fragrance in MZ Candles and Melts as well for a festive addition to you home this holiday season.

Cinnamon Spice Scent Notes

Ground Cinnamon + Cinnamon Stick + Ceylon Cinnamon

The Cinnamon Spice Car Diffuser is available here.

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