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Cinnamon Spice Car Diffuser

Cinnamon Spice Car Diffuser

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The gorgeous diffuser comes prefilled with Cinnamon Spice premium phthalate-free fragrance. Each fill lasts for approximately two plus months of use, depending on how much scent you choose to dispense into the air. The diamond design and wood top is the perfect addition for small areas such as cars, closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. to add fragrance into your small space. 

Our Cinnamon Spice fragrance is a richly spiced cinnamon with a warm aroma. True to the smell of whole cinnamon sticks and perfect for this holiday season. Cinnamon Spice is a fragrance in our Holiday Collection and available only for a limited time. If you love the spicy scent of a cinnamon aroma, you may also find this Cinnamon Spice fragrance in MZ Candles and Melts as well for a festive addition to you home this holiday season.

Cinnamon Spice Scent Notes

Ground Cinnamon + Cinnamon Stick + Ceylon Cinnamon

Refills in a 1 oz size that will fill this small diffuser four times are available here.

To Use:
1) Remove the wooden lid.
2) Remove the plastic stopper.
3) Retwist the wooden lid back on tight.
4) Tilt unit upside down just enough to wet the wood, but not too much to leak though.
5) Enjoy the wonderful scents.
6) Repeat steps when diffuser loses fragrance.

WARNING: Avoid over-saturating the wooden lid and keep the plastic stopper in place to prevent spillage. Failure to follow these instructions could result in damage to some surfaces. Wipe all spills immediately and keep out of reach of children and pets.

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