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Autumn Crème Brulee Wood Wick Soy Candle

Autumn Crème Brulee Wood Wick Soy Candle

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Introducing our latest autumn delight: Autumn Crème Brulee 100% Soy Candle. Experience the essence of the season with a symphony of rich creamy custard, scrumptious caramel, pecan, and pumpkin, harmoniously blended with a touch of rum and maple, all elegantly crowned with lightly torched sugar. This candle is the embodiment of cozy, nutty warmth, perfect for the upcoming fall season.

Product Features:

Unique Hexagon Design: This 11-ounce candle is encased in a stunning transparent hexagon jar, designed to enhance the aesthetics of any space. When lit, it casts an enchanting, elegant glow that adds a touch of sophistication to your home décor.

Crackling Wood Wick: Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of a crackling wood wick as it burns. The gentle crackles create a comforting ambiance, reminiscent of a cozy autumn evening by the fire.

Sustainable and Repurposable: Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond exquisite fragrance. After enjoying the delightful aroma of Autumn Crème Brulee, you can easily clean out the jar, leaving you with a versatile, reusable container. Give it a second life as a decorative item in your home.

Autumn Crème Brulee Scent Notes:

  • Caramelized Sugar: Dive into the rich sweetness of caramelized sugar that sets the stage for this aromatic journey.

  • Rum: A subtle infusion of rum adds depth and complexity to the fragrance.

  • Pumpkin: Embrace the comforting familiarity of pumpkin, a hallmark of the fall season.

  • Caramel Custard: Luxuriate in the velvety smoothness of caramel custard, a decadent note that lingers on your senses.

  • Maple Pecan: The earthy warmth of maple pecan adds a delightful nutty twist to this olfactory masterpiece.

Indulge in the essence of Autumn Crème Brulee and transform your space into a sanctuary of autumnal bliss. Whether you're treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift, our hand-poured soy candle promises an unforgettable experience that captures the spirit of fall. Embrace the season with the warmth and elegance of Autumn Crème Brulee. Order yours today and let the aroma of autumn fill your home.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including vanilla absolute, orange and lemon oil.

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