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Fruity Loops Wood Wick Candle

Fruity Loops Wood Wick Candle

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This Fruity Loops fragrance will take you back to your childhood watching Saturday morning cartoons and eating your favorite fruity flavored sugary cereal. Your kids will love it!  Fruity Loops has fruity notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit paired with lemongrass, lily and verbena and finishes with sweet vanilla sugar. Kids and adults of all ages love this fun fruity fragrance! 

This 100% Soy Candle paired with a crackling wood wick in a gorgeous transparent hexagon design jar makes a beautiful candle that has an elegant glow when lit. This unique 11 ounce wooden wick candle is the perfect addition into your home décor and can be cleaned out after burning your candle and repurposed in your home.

Fruity Loops Scent Notes

Lemon Lime + Verbena + Vanilla Sugar

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