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Wax Candle Warmer

Wax Candle Warmer

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This 2-in-1 Wax Candle Warmer gives you the option to melt wax melts or place your candle on the warmer plate to scent your space. The concrete look and soft white dish gives a classic modern look to this warmer and is versatile by working well into the design of any room. Wax Warmers are a great option to enjoy your favorite fragrance without the flame of a candle. Simply place your candle onto the warming plate, turn it on and the wax will melt in your candle jar to dispense your favorite scent without lighting the candle with a flame. To use as a wax melt warmer, just add your soy wax melts into the dish and as they melt beautiful fragrance will spread throughout your space.


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